KP Astrologers and Learners

Dear KP Astrologers and Learners,

We are starting this great awaited feature from the New Year 2008!

This is a series of lessons written by Sri T. Seshagiri Rao  a renowned KP astrologer and Vice President of KP Astrologers Forum India for the Astrouser Netizens.

The concept of this series is to guide the learners on KP principles, help them on grounding the basics and enable them for predictions. After following the lessons , the readers can clarify the doubts directly from the author of this series by emails at  The series is divided in number of lectures and these will be available at a regular frequency.

It is not our intention to replace the KP astrology books by this series of lectures. Hence, the readers are advised to read the books along with this material. More thrust is on practical and on handholding and we want all our members to take full advantage of this feature.

The Charts and published material is the property of and the users are permitted to copy and replicate by. However, they are not permitted to commercially use and republish the material published under this series.

Learn and Practice KP! It is a Astroscinece. There are definite rules in this system. You can test on small events from day to day life before applying to the major events in your and your clients life.

Wish you a Very Happy New Year 2008!

Rajendra Nimje
President, KPAF

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