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Astrology means “The message of Stars” is a divine science to predict future of human beings, places, nations etc. It is based on motion of astronomical bodies in the solar system such as Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. The divine science is based on set of fixed rules and application of logic.

Astrouser believes that Astrology provides inner strength to fight all odds, give new rays of hope to overcome difficulties and also helps in taking difficult decisions, making choices etc.  It also provides mental solace in bad times.

Astrouser is a unique site where all the users of astrology, Learners, Knowledge seekers, Astrologers, Experts in Numerology, Vastu, and Vedic rituals frequently visit. Astrological remedies are available on a single platform to serve you better.

Astrouser wants to take this divine science to the common man. We welcome advice seekers and astrologers both to join the Astrouser team and reap benefits of astro-services in a free environment.  Though astrologers follow different methods, the results can be accurate if right method and right tools are used.

Astrouser recommends use of ASTRO 3.0 software which is designed specially for KP and Vedic astrologers duly incorporating Western Aspects and Directions which makes it a complete and unique package in the world of Astrology today.

As we want the science to grow, the only way is to question and discuss on all aspects of astrology. Astrouser provides you the discussion forums to post your views on different aspects of astrology, interact with the experts in the field today and also provides opportunity to learn the science itself.